Corporate Events in Key Biscayne

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Corporate success is achieved by cultivating a team that can work together towards a common goal. In many cases, team building exercises can help. Key Biscayne Charters frequently charters team building and other corporate events around the key, to help your group connect. Whether you’re encouraging them to work together or just celebrating their success, we welcome you and your team aboard our next speed boat charter in Key Biscayne, FL!

Team Building

Forget about trust falls and relay races! The best way to create friendships and breed communication amongst your team is to take them all out for a shared experience. Chartering a yacht in Key Biscayne, FL will get everyone into the same boat—literally! Spend your time on the water playing games, solving problems, fostering discussion and more. When the boat docks and your team leaves, they’ll be a closer-knit group than before they started.


From the annual board meeting to a client proposal meeting, there’s no better way to set the stage for an important meeting than by sailing around Key Biscayne. You’ll get all of the great sights and sounds of the ocean, creating a peaceful, tranquil environment where you can get down to business. Forget about attendees nodding off or becoming bored—a chartered boat ride is the perfect way to stimulate productive collaboration.

Don’t forget, we’ll gladly work with you to arrange food and drink, as well as audio and video equipment that might be necessary for your meeting.

Department Outings and Parties

Take the entire department out for a chartered boat ride and show them a great time! Whether it’s the close of the sales quarter or in celebration of a big deal, your employees will appreciate the experience and have a great time they’ll reflect fondly on forever. A boat ride around the key is also a great way to kick off the holiday party! Instead of being cooped up in the office, your workers will love the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Corporate Events

To start planning your company’s next outing or to schedule the logistics of a meeting or team building exercise, contact Key Biscayne Charters today at 305-903-7789.

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